I was the artist in residence for 2017 at Studio ARTES in Hornsby, Sydney. 

The residency outcome was to create a mural for the front of their building. The mural was to be created in collaboration with the members that attended the studios art program. The mural had to be exciting and brighten up  the space whilst also showcasing the members creative skills. 

The project was carried out over 3 months with 3 different stages.

1. WORKSHOP: Over a 5 week period I worked with the members to create artworks based around the them of past, present and future. Past: things they have done in the past at Studio ARTES that they have enjoyed. Present: thing they enjoy doing currently at the studio. Future: things they want to achieve in the future at Studio ARTES. 

2. DESIGN: over a 3 week period I took over 45 different artworks that were created during stage one and created a final concept. Subject matter ranged from excursions and event they have attended, portraits of special people/animals in their life, future jobs goals, people they admire etc. The final design was discussed with all members and adjusted accordingly to make sure the mural represented as many artists as possible.

3. EXECUTION: once the artwork was finalised I then took 5 days over a 2 week period to paint it onto a 20m wall. By having this stage carried out slowly it gave the members the chance to see its development and give the members the chance to help paint if they wanted to.


Studio ARTES offers creative programs with whole of life outcomes for adults with disabilities. Studio ARTES provides tailor-made creative activities and life skills .

This project was made possible from funding by Transport NSW