Here's another workshop that might tickle your fancy. 

Then on the day the participants will learn how to take a cardboard box and transform it into a super fun and playful brooch/pin. The workshop is perfect for all types of people from a creative to an accountants, it doesn't matter. We will look at some inspiration imagery then used that as a starting point for the piece. Side note: this workshop will probably make you want to go home and make more! :)

This is a perfect activity for birthday parties, after school care programs, school holiday programs, cultural events, team bonding days, space activations, 

  • 3hr workshop
  • 15 people per session (max)
  • $350 package rate for the organiser (price can vary if travel is required)


What you will need to have:

  • covers for desks to protect from paint
  • power source, enough sockets for up to 6 hot glue guns

What I will provide:

  • cardboard
  • paint brushes
  • scissors and glue
  • jewellery components 
  • paint
  • varnish


Workshop breakdown: 

15 minutes : explaining my artistic background and showing examples of inspiration

15 minutes : showing simple cardboard construction techniques

2 hr : construction of the jewellery. I will roam the room helping people with their designs

20 minutes: add required jewellery components like brooch backs, chains or earring hooks/clip ons. 

10 minutes: mini fashion show and documentation


Photography taken at Conscience Speed Dating event

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